Large Scale Tile and Mosaic Work

Top Row: Current exploration into surface design using Image Transfer techniques on large tiles and mosaics, 2019. Artwork not for sale.

Rows 2-5: Tile Mosaics created for a 2014 exhibit at Fabricate in Northside, Cincinnati, OH.  Artwork not for sale. Below is an excerpt from the exhibit literature.

Impressed: Architectural Inscriptions from Florence to Fantasyland

past tense: impressed; past participle: impressed

1. To make one feel admiration and respect.
“they immediately impressed the audience”
synonyms: have an impact on, influence, affect, move, stir, rouse, excite, inspire;

2. To make a mark or design using a stamp or seal; imprint.
“she impressed the damp clay with her seal”

Impressed follows the traditional connection of tile work and architecture, with imprinted images of landmarks that have personally impacted me. Each iconic structure recalls a moment, standing before a building, rendered speechless and small, feeling a sense of place and history in a way that cannot be felt by viewing artwork in a museum. These tile panels each have been hand carved and glazed, one tile at a time, with landmarks of different cultures, centuries and styles that nevertheless share a singular ability to impress.”